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Opinions and views about God, Christianity, and faith run the gamut from thoughtful to belligerent. Most of us avoid these conversations completely, for fear that we’ll walk right into ignorant and hateful territory.

It’s sad that conversations that could (and should) be so life-giving and exciting end up best being avoided.

The hope behind this church is to create a place where questions of life, of faith and of God are given a safe home: a place where the mystery of God is recognized as complex rather than simple; a place where how we practice justice matters more than conversations about broken systems; a place where we choose inclusion and attentiveness over disengagement and assumptions.

I really believe this church will be more complete with you here. Your voice. Your story. Your experience. You help shape how others understand God, the God who created us and made us his partner in increasing grace, peace and joy in the world.

We experience this God through Jesus Christ, as we sit in awe of His great power being used to serve and welcome all people. We endeavor to follow after Jesus and bring whatever we have to serve and welcome each person we encounter.

All our beliefs about God and the practice of following after Jesus are linked to this Cascade region. We get to experience some of the best art, beer, food, music and coffee in the country while celebrating the God that masterminded it all. I hope you’ll journey with us as we praise God for redeeming the broken things in life and as we make amends for the ways we stand in the way of that redemption.

Pastor Kurt

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