The other day I overheard some men working on a house talking. I didn’t hear much of it, but there was one line I heard very clearly.  “Surrounded by beautiful women all day. Now THAT would be the life.” THE life. It would be THE LIFE. The pinnacle of all existences would be to have…

Welcome to Cascade! Opinions and views about God, Christianity, and faith run the gamut from thoughtful to belligerent. Most of us avoid these conversations completely, for fear that we’ll walk right into ignorant and hateful territory. It’s sad that conversations that could (and should) be so life-giving and exciting end up best being avoided. The hope behind this church…

Community is a tricky concept to understand and definitely complicated in practice. Everyone wants some form of community (even introverts) when it comes down to it. Community is a place where we get to gain and offer the one thing that any person in isolation cannot offer: Perspective. Alone, we will always be limited by our inability…

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