Meet Pastor Kurt

Kurt grew up in the central valley of California in a small town where he rooted for the 49ers, enjoyed the wide open space of living in the country, and learned about Jesus. He met his wife working at a youth camp near Santa Cruz, California and came up to the Pacific Northwest to go to college. After getting married Kurt started working as a youth pastor in Hillsboro until moving out to the Eastside of Portland to do the same thing. After transitioning from youth to social justice work around the city and internationally, Kurt has stepped into this new role of helping a community of people welcome others, follow Jesus and bring God’s best to our world.

“I’m excited about the opportunity we have through this church to create a safe community for people exploring what faith could look like and for those already passionately following after Jesus. We have the privilege and opportunity to share a God who is for people, not against them. Cascade is just one tangible way we endeavor to be faithfully present in Portland, Oregon by serving, loving, and engaging with people.”

Kurt and his wife Sally (one of the “most creative, loving, and responsible humans” he knows) live in Vancouver, WA with their two boys: Porter, full of fire and good humor, and Palmer, studious and always ready for adventure.