Why We Exist

At Cascade Church, we exist to create a space that is both Safe to Be and Safe to Grow… But there’s much more to it than that! Take a moment to read our welcome post on the blog to learn more about why and how Cascade Church Portland came to be.

Safe to Be, Safe to Grow

Our vision as a church is rooted in a belief that all people should be given safe space to be. When Jesus called his disciples it isn’t recorded that it was linked to performance, resume or ethical excellence. They were enough they day they were called to come follow Jesus. This kind of acceptance created the environment we believe is necessary for people to have safety to start growing into who God created and is calling them to be. This is what we strive to create as a church.

Tied to our vision is five core values that we feel inform and flesh out our vision of safety and growth. Each one has a specific definition that we created to describe the ways in which we are choosing to live.

We know that articulating a vision and values and living them out are very different things and we need our whole community to bring alignment. Our hope is that you’ll connect with what we see as church and come join us at Cascade in living it out.

Safe to Be, Safe to Grow

We engage in relationships a step beyond what is known or comfortable.

We better understand God when we live in a community of people who are different from each other

We recognize there is more that we don’t know about God and the world than what we do know. We lean into mystery with questions and an openness to grow.

We engage our hopes and fears by directing them to God and allowing space for the responses.

We fight injustices with those who have been treated insignificantly by individuals, systems or indifference.